What are the differences between Studio CE and Enterprise use Studio?


I just wonder what is the differences between Studio CE and Enterprise use Studio?
As the link ( UiPath ), I don’t see any benefit from Enterprise studio.
Can anyone let me know the advantages of using Enterprise version of Studio?

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Kindly have a view in this

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Thank you for your reply,

However, I don’t see any explanation about Enterprise Studio.
My company is planning to buy Orchestrator, Robots and Studio but It’s seems like Studio CE can still replace Enterprise Studio.

Can any one let me know what are the special features of Enterprise Studio?
Thank you

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Kindly contact our UiPath Sales Team for more details On this

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Hello @Shin_Sam

There are differences between the community and the enterprise version of the UiPath studio and the orchestrator. Additionally, if you are building automation solutions for enterprises, it is always recommended to use the enterprise version of the Studio and the Orchestrator. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Community version of Studio will be upgraded each time when they do a new release automatically. This will not be very good when it comes to a stable production version as some features may go obsolete over time and some changes might cause some activities to not work. This is important because when it comes to a production version, it should be stable and should not upgrade unless it is really needed.

On the other hand, considering the features and limitations, the Community version of the orchestrator only supports two attended (development robots) and one unattended robots. Does not have the ability to run production robots.

Further, CE of Orchestrator also does not support multi tenancy. So if you require these features, you have to go for the enterprise version of the UiPath package…

You can check few other comparisons here


Thank you so much for your comment @Lahiru.Fernando.
Now I get it clearly :smile:

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