Type Into Activity not Working Properly

Hi guys,

Id like to seek for your inputs. Im a rookie in UiPath too.
So I am trying to use type into activity to write something in a word.
to give you a background, im trying to create an invoice thru our web portal. the output will be a draft invoice(word file). however, i can not seem to use type into in the word file.

Thanks for your help.


You will need to install the word package to interact with word files :slight_smile:


Hi Lahiru,

Thank you for your reply.

I already installed uipath.word.activities.

After running the workflow, its giving me this message.


This looks like a selector issue. Can you send the .xaml, so that we can look into the error?


It looks like a selector issue… We might need to introduce some wild cards to make it more stable to suit all scenarios… For example the Title segment of the selector can be more dynamic by introducing a wild card for the invoice number…
Title='Tax Invoice Number *'

Billing_Skeletal_Framework.xaml (26.7 KB)

Here you go. Thank you.


How do i do it?

Thank you.

Try this for the selector

<wnd app='winword.exe' cls='OpusApp' title='Tax Invoice Number *' />

You can find the selector property here…

Replace the existing selector there with the one I shared… (within double quotes)

You’re a lifesaver Lahiru.
It’s now working! Thank you!

Will just let you know if I encounter issues.


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I also sent you a friend request in facebook :slight_smile:

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Cool… Please set the answer as the solution so that it will help others as well when they encounter similar issues :slight_smile:

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