Hi I am new to UIPath. I have this error I cannot solve.

Send SMTP Mail Message: A non-recoverable error occurred during a database lookup

Hi. For your info, in the Properties panel on the Host Section I type Host Port 578 and Server “smtp@gmail.com.

I also create 2 arguments namely Email and password for the Logon Section from the Properties Panel. I also type the default value on both arguments from my Gmail account information.

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Hey @mosyahri,

Which password are you using here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

My own Gmail account when I login.

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Hey @mosyahri,

You cannot use those credentials. PFB

Confirm your settings check as below once

Then generate an app password for your email, steps below

Use this password and try the same

Thanks :slight_smile:


Check below for your reference

Hope this may helps you