How to send smtp mais by UiPath?


I am new to UiPath and struggling in the Send SMTP Mail Message.
The system keeps telling me that an existing connection is forcibly colsed by the remote host.

How can I fix this? I am sure the server and port and my email acc are correct.

Thank you very much

Hi daisyc,

What email client are you using? Can you upload here a screenshot with the activity Properties? Something like in this post, so we can figure out what doesn’t go well:

Hi ovi,

I am really sorry for not sending post in a good format.
But I have successfully sent emails using outlook activity. The problem might comes from my company’s security setting, the smtp email activity works well outside my office.

I really appreciate the time you spending on me, and apologize for any inconvenience brought to you due to my ignorance.

Many thanks,