UiPath shows architecture Error on commuicating with 64 bit ODBC driver

I’ve been trying to use a ODBC driver for mongo DB (64 bit version 1.3.0) with UiPath.
Am able to create a user DSN with mongosqld and the connection is successful. When including that in UiPath (DB Connect activity) it show architecture mismatch.

Any leads would be much appreciated.

@adrian @loginerror @arivu96

@aksh1yadav Kindly help us out in this.

WE Had similar issues and solved IT by using 32bit odbc. Could this be an Option for you?

@ppr, I had installed 32 Bit odbc driver. But what about the BI Connector? It requires the 64 bit system right?

As you said, the UiPath connects with 32 bit. But the databases already created are not showing up. Am i missing anything.

Hello all i have the same issue i installed 32 as well but same issue!
any solution?