Uipath Database connect Activity with Oracle


I’m using UiPath Studio 2018.4.3 version. I’m trying to connect bot with Oracle Database.

I was able to configure ODBC driver on Windows machine and test successfully.

But I have below error when trying to use from UiPath.

Can someone please help.

(upload://5gHPYhYuBOUML6TfoKkdiyEfKMo.jpeg) z.png)

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Hi Buddy @sadhuvijay11
Kindly have a look at this



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Thanks for the response Palaniyyappan.
I did check above post already. It didn’t help solve my issue.

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I got it resolved after installing oracle 32 bit client on my machine.

This error generally occurs if you are using the 64 bit Oracle client. As UiPath is a 32 bit application, this issue is occurring. Please make sure that you have 32 bit oracle client installed. Please visit the below links for more insights-

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