DB connection- Execute Query - Architectural mismatch issue

Hi all,
While i am trying to connect to MYSQL from uipath , I am getting the issue below

Message: Cannot create and populate list type system.data.odbc error collection. Path ‘$values’, line1, position 175.

source: Newtonsoft.json

I tried connecting with DSN name to connect to odbc as follows.

Connection string: “Dsn=testui;uid=ganessm;pwd=********”
Provider details: “system.Data.Odbc”

My odbc connection is successful when tried from odbc 64 bit administrator which is compatible with windows 10 64 bit.

Can you guys help me figure out this… Thanks in advance

Please test ur odbc connection using your connect function in uipath.If you think the connection is correct, then relook at your query for semi colon or spaces