The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between driver and Application Error

Hello All, I am fairly new to UiPath and I am trying to connect UiPath to Oracle Database. The service I am trying to connect to is EBS2.

  1. I have added the UiPath.Database.Activities dependency to Studio
  2. I am using the “connect to database” activity
  3. The connection string I am using while configuring is : “Data Source=(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=<HOST_Name>)(PORT=<PORT_Num>))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=<SERVICE_name>)));User Id=;Password=;”

I have the data source added to my ODBC configuration settings which I did via the ODBC data source administrator (Name: EBS2, Platform: 32 bit, Driver: Microsoft ODBC for Oracle)

And I have installed UiPath StudioX/ Studio/ Assistant/ Robot community edition (version: 2023.8.0, 64bit)

I keep getting the mismatch error. I am not sure how to rectify this error. Any suggestions / advice to the fixes will be helpful.


Welcome to the community

As per the error looks like the provided you selected is wrong…can you please recheck the same…

And also whenever you see an error it would be a good idea to check the error from locals panel when run in debug mode which gives you a detailed description most of the times


@Anil_G can you tell what I should choose for the data source and data provider fields.
Also, should i use DSN for connection or a connection string?

Appreciate your time! :slight_smile:


What drivers did you install?

Select those …is it odbc?


Hi @Neha_John

This error generally occurs if you are using the 64 bit Oracle client. As UiPath is a 32 bit application, this issue is occurring. Please make sure that you have 32 bit oracle client installed.

@Anil_G thank you for that. I was using 64 bit client and I made those changes. Was able to get the connection set up.

Just for others who land on the same issue:
While setting up the DSN settings use 32 bit ODBC configurations for 32 bit client along side a 32 bit UiPath application. Similarly with 64 bit.

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