UiPath Setup Options

Greetings Team,

We are in initial phase of setup, starting everything from scratch. I am getting resources aligned before I start installation of Orchestrator / Robot / Studio.

Did go through documentation which recommends Elasticsearch + kibana rather than only SQL Server only. However, I would like to avoid Elasticsearch + kibana due to some reasons.
Two questions:

  1. Can you suggest if it will be still just fine to continue with SQL Server option (or it may have major implications even if I follow configuration mentioned on the “Hardware Requirements” recommended docs page)?

  2. Other than SQL Server, what more options can I have from architecture point of view (what all servers can I integrate with, to replace Elasticsearch + Kibana)?

NOTE: Scale of our deployment is not known yet but I can follow the guideline recommendation provided by UiPath (“Hardware Requirements” docs page).

Looking forward to your valuable inputs.


Hi @BJ_1986

I will make your post public so that more users are able to share their experiences and help you out here.

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