Setup Orchestrator,SQL server,elastic search,SSL...etc

eventhough i complete the course on Infrastructure, i still not clear how the intial setup for orchestrator.

please provide enough information on step by
1.SQL sever and machine configuration…what version of SQL server need to be installed and the setup to be done in that
2.Create orchestrator account.Ochestrator is just one person or we can have multiple.
Also i know orchestrator can create multiple users based on their role.
3.setup elasticsearch server and what need to be installed and also for kibana…what need to be installed and setup to be done in that server.
4.then how to setup robots in separate machine or virtual machine.
5.There is option for license in orchestrator account.Then where the SSL comes in to we need to use this option.

it will be good if we have the above step by step
as of now i learned the UiPath with Community edition only.