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If I’m buying an Orchestrator, does I need to buy Elasticsearch server separately or It comes in package with Orchestrator generally?

it is included, no need to purchase separately

One more question:
Support we are implementing one project, where 2 Developers are designing the solution over Studio and those are the attended operation in nature…So can we test the developed code with the FrontOffice license? OR for testing we need any specific kind of license only?

Just do your testing using the studio license. It approximates a front office bot

Thanks @Dave

Can you please tell me the below questions:(This is for medium scale deployment ~10 Robots)
As per the UiPath HW/SW requirement,

  1. it shows show two options for Dev/Test environment
    a) Version 1 - 3 Servers (Application web server, SQL Server, and Elasticsearch Server)
    Version 2 - 2 Servers (Application web server/ElasticSearch, SQL )
  2. For production it mentioned
    3 Servers - (Application web server, SQL Server, and Elasticsearch Server)

Could you please explain me,
i) which version is best recommended and why?
ii) Why its need to use 3 different servers for different units?


Can you please share your understanding or comments?

If you haven’t received the Server Platform Architecture document from UiPath you should contact their support team to get it, as it explains in the document. It isn’t available publicly online - you’ll have to request from UiPath directly.

Different servers for different units - by units do you mean web server, SQL server, and Elasticsearch Server? If so, that is done for performance reasons. In general for 10 robots I’d recommend following that same approach

We have a SQL server farm that is used by other non-UiPath applications in addtition to Orchestrator. Then, we have separate Elasticsearch and web servers. Actual database info for configuration/queues/etc stored in the SQL server. Logs go into the Elasticsearch server (indexer server).


But can we have the single server for all the three Web,SQL and elasticsearch?



Can you please tell me?