UiPath - Senior Software Engineer 8528 - North Carolina - United States - Full Time

Job title: Senior Software Engineer 8528
Job role: Other Role
Country: United States
City: North Carolina
Company name: UiPath
Employment Type: Full Time
Seniority level: Senior more than 5 years

Job Description:
Your Mission

This team primarily focus on delivering Automation suite both on-prem and cloud environments, team uses CNCF projects (Kubernetes (OSS K8, EKS, AKS, RKE2)), Cilium, Istio Service Mesh, distributed Kubernetes storage, Prometheus/Grafana, GitOps driven projects) with the goal of building the best in industry cloud-native container platform.

Team also focuses on driving best engineering practices, highly resilient platform, tools to measure the performance and resiliency, automated tools to deploy the platform and services.

What you’ll do at UiPath?

 As a Senior Software Engineer, you will act as a liaison between engineers in the team and
product managers.
 You will be involved directly design and engineer significant areas of the product, help hire and
recruit technical talent, and ensure our technical deliverables meet the customer expectations.
 You will be accountable for the software deliverables to meet all requirements of quality, security,
scalability, modifiability, extensibility, testability etc.
 The ideal candidate is technology savvy with deep knowledge of Kubernetes, Microservices,
Golang, Python, Ansible and CI/CD process.
 Able to work on opensource projects, able to contribute and commit the code to upstream
opensource projects. Candidate should have familiarity with Opensource projects such as Service
Mesh (Istio)/Envoy, Prometheus/Grafana.
 This person will be working majority of the time coding in Golang, Python, and Ansible on
automating infrastructure tasks.
 You will help established effective and agile engineering practices across our engineering teams.

What you’ll bring to the team?

 Proven track record (5+ years’ experience) of architecting and engineering world-class, large
scale commercial applications and services.
 Proficiency in one or more one or two programming language experience (preferred Golang or
Python) and Ansible backed by solid computer science fundamentals.
 At least 3+ years of experience managing production Kubernetes infrastructure with Calico or
Cilium CNI, CSI drivers.
 At least 1+ years of experience managing Service Mesh (Istio) and Envoy
 1+ years of experience on CEPH, Rook CEPH or Portworx or any other block/object storage and
integration experience with Kubernetes via CIS drivers.
 Good knowledge of Linux administration, and Linux internals.
 Deep understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle including Continuous Integration
and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline architecture (Azure Pipelines (preferred), Jenkins)
including deployments into Kubernetes environments using tools such as ArgoCD or FluxCD or
Jenkins X.
 Experience in working/automating with at least one public cloud deployments cloud ecosystems
(AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).
 Experience using and optimizing monitoring and trending systems, log aggregation systems
(ELK, Splunk, Fluentd/Fluentbit), and their agents.
 Experience with developing microservice-based HTTP applications and servers
 Able to understand the security tools and best practices: CIS Benchmarking, OS hardening,
vulnerability scanning, system auditing.
 Experience performing full stack load testing in order to identify and address hardware, network,
system, or application bottlenecks.
 Experience with developing microservice-based HTTP applications and servers.
 Effective teamwork, collaboration and communication skills.
 Strong understanding of object-oriented programming and architectural design patterns.
 Good grasp of multithreading, synchronization, asynchronous, cloud programming.
 Deep understanding of data structures & algorithms.
 Experience with service-oriented architecture and web services development.

Apply here: https://careers.uipath.com/careers/jobs/5494?lang=en-us

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