UiPath sends text in wrong format into Windows Command Prompt




I wonder if anyone has faced this kind of a problem before. I try to send text to Windows Command Prompt with a Type Into -activity. However, it seems something breaks between UiPath and command prompt, because the special characters are all wrong. For example, when I try to type
"cd C:\testDirectory" the text appears as in the command prompt as “cd c^§testDirectory”, which obviously doesn’t work.

When I type the text manually everything works, so it doesn’t appear that this is a keyboard layout problem. Or even if it is, somehow UiPath has the problem, but not the actual keyboard.

I checked the keyboard layout and input language on the workstation and they are the correct ones. Has anyone come across this kind of a problem and do you know how it could be fixed?

Note: Send Hotkey activity also scrambled the special characters, only in a slightly different way :frowning:


Hi @RPA_tester,

Check this