UIPath SendGrid API via Integration Services


Got UIPath Orchestrator & Studio wired up to the SendGrid API

Trying to use the UiPath.SendGrid.IntegrationService.Activities.SendEmail activity which surprised me by only having 2 parameters - File & BodyFormData … File appears to be mandatory opens up a file browser … BodyFormData appears to be a specific data type in UIPath.

I have no idea what to put in each field or the content of any variables I may need to pass.

UIPath documentation is limited & I can’t find any examples on www

Any help - gratefully received


Hey @Paul_Hodgson

Could you please show some screenshots on this which will help us understand better ?



Here you go - highlighted the Activity & the fields File & BodyFormData from within Studio.

Still struggling - anyone help ?

Still looking for an answer on the SendGrid API activity use …