Dropbox Business Integration services question

Wondering if anyone has started using the Dropbox and Dropbox for Business Integration services activities? I have a Dropbox for Business account and was trying to upload a file and each time I try I get an error stating “One or more errors occurred.” Looking into the logs, it appears it does not like me leaving the BodyFormData in field blank. Per the documentation this field is only used if I want to overwrite properties of the file. Since all I want to do is upload a file that is in my project as is, I shouldn’t have to mess with this field, right? I’ve looked all over and cannot find any video or other documentation that states how to use these activities. I do have this inside a scope of Dropbox and it is correctly configured and tested. The File * In field is the name of the file I want to upload from the project and the Response out is a variable. Can anyone assist me with what I need to do in order to just upload a file to Dropbox? Are these new activities now working yet since they are so new? Here are the UiPath documents for reference: Upload Files. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

@Kyle_Barton Can you show the path that you gave in the File field within the upload file activity

Hi @ushu,

The file path is directing to a folder inside my project: U:\IT\Business Intelligence\UiPath\Projects\REF_OAO_Rate_Disclosure\Finished\test.pdf


@Kyle_Barton In Dropbox and Dropbox Business, for the upload action, while uploading the file we also need to pass a request payload (Path to folder to upload file) through the BodyFormData which should be a required field. Will investigate and come back on this