How to integrate Send grid with Uipath?

Hi all!
I want to integrate send grid and send an email through it in the uipath. I didn’t find any specific link for it. Can someone please guide me regarding this. It’s really urgent.

@Huma_Alvi - if you search for ‘Sendgrid’ in packages, there are a few available which might help you.
Alternatively, does Sendgrid have webservices?

@sumitd Thanks for the response.
Yes Sendgrid do have webservices. It provides WebApi but its not a RESTful Api.
Also, I searched the packages for Sendgrid. If I use Sendgrid c# client library for sending emails, then can you please share some steps or a specific website link or blog for some guidance. It will really be helpful.
Thank you :slight_smile:

@Huma_Alvi - you can try UiPath.Web.Activities - supports REST and SOAP.

okay. Thank you @sumitd

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Here, I found one of the useful link for send grid integration.

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