How to integrate SendGrid API with UiPath Mail Package

How to integrate SendGrid API with UiPath Mail Package?

Approach #1:
In order to use "SendGrid" API to integrate with UiPath mail packages, SMTP protocol and send SMTP mail message activities can be used in UiPath.

Below steps can be followed:

1.)Login to if you have account else create one.

2.)Click on "SetUp Guide" option as shown below:


3.)Click on first option as shown below:


4.)Click on option shown below:


5.)Now create a new API Key as shown below:


6.)Now in order to send the mail using UiPath mail activities ,pass the below parameters in "Send SMTP Mail Message" properties :

  • Port :465
  • Server:""
  • Email:"apikey"
  • Password:Pass the above generated api key.

Pass the other parameters like To,From,Body etc as per your requirement.

Approach #2 ::
Another approach is to create a code in python,java etc and invoke it using UiPath activities.Refer below screenshots and links to know more about this:



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