UiPath Selectors Unable to Find Buttons in Print And Save Dialogs

UiPath selectors 2023.4 are no longer functioning in the print dialogues for both Edge and Chrome. It either selects the entire pane (in Edge), or a seemingly random area (in Chrome).

I don’t recall changing anything in studio, but have already re-installed.

Any help is appreciated.

It should be an issue with the Edge version. I found that as long as you upgrade to version 114, it won’t work. Rolling back the browser version should solve this problem.

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Can you try the following step?

First Indicate element then choose whole dialog.
Next we can choose each element as anchor and select it.( Any element is good)
Finally, re-indicate target element.


Thanks - got it working by rolling Edge back to 113, at least on the production machine.

However, I wasn’t able to get the Edge rollback to stick on Windows home. So this UiPath browser extension compatibility bug is still causing me a huge headache. Not to mention, it needs to be resolved for future browser compatibility at some point down the road, anyway.

Hi Yoichi,

That works if using the modern click, or non-classic click, depending on the project. FYI, one may need to apply a filter to find it in older projects.

But, the actual problem appears to be that UiPath’s extension for Edge is not compatible with the new version of Edge. Otherwise, rolling back the browser would not make the problem go away.


FYI, UiPath guys show us workaround regarding this matter.
Can you try to set "--force-renderer-accessibility" at argument property as the following?

They also say batch for this matter is planning to release but not determined date.

Reference (Japanese page)


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Hi @j.shuller

At those times just use Image Region Selection. When you are indicating an element, Click F2 and Drage the required PlaceHolder(Save).

For your reference Please find attached Video, the first 2 mins.

So far in testing this, the workaround does nothing for print dialog interactions. The extension is unable to communicate to the modal popup window in Chrome, and we can’t afford to change every process to Edge / Firefox to test those when the real issue is the extension itself…

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Forum News about this issue : https://forum.uipath.com/t/broken-selectors-after-chrome-edge-update-to-version-114-0-1823-37/551689

I used click image for a work-around.

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Hi Yoichi, thank you for the info and the links.

Already opened pandora’s box applying my own workarounds.

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Thanks for the link.

I’m using the modern click workaround, had some inconsistent results with the image selectors.

Hi all,

There was an update to Edge, which turns off feature used by AA Framework for selectors. Please update your activities package to the one UiPath released recently for the fix.

Broken selectors after Chrome/Edge update to version 114.0.1823.37 - News / Product News - UiPath Community Forum