Need help regarding selectors not working

Hello Team,

So one of my process running well till date and now it is not supporting all the selectors with UiFramework ‘Active Accessibility’.

And when I am trying to Indicate an element using ‘Active Accessibility’, it’s only highlighting whole window. So, here I am not able indicate any specific element from the window.

Note: I am using Edge Browser Only.

Thank You,
Jaymin Modi

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Hi @Jaymin_Modi1, welcome to the Community.

Please try to uninstall & reinstall the Edge extension once & check whether it’s working or now. Along with this, please make sure that you have enabled Edge Settings>System & Performance>UiPath Extension 'On'

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Which version are you using? Please read note here:

In my case same happened and unfortunately despite update to 2022.10.7 it is still not working, selectors for modal windows (like download) cannot be found.


Can you try to set "-–force-renderer-accessibility" at Arguments property of UseApplication/Browser as the following?