UiPath selector with casesensitive attripute not working

Hi Team,
i tried to use casesensitive:aaname=‘true’ attribute in my selector but its showing error as “The selector is not valid”

selector : webctrl aaname=‘abulHAsan’ casesensitive:aaname=‘true’ tableCol=‘4’

Can you guide to resolve this.

To make aaname case insensitive use casesensitive:aaname=‘false’


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Usually Casesensitive enables you to validate a selector by also including an attribute’s value casing. By default, the value of this option is set to true. If set to false , the casing of the attribute’s value is not taken into account.
So go for it

Cheers @hasanjpm

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Tried with with casesensitive:aaname=‘false’ but still getting “The selector is not valid”. its bcoz of my uipath version ? i m using 2019.4.2 Enterprise

Hi @Palaniyappan
Thanks for your reply.
i want to ignore casesensitive in my selector since sometimes i will get character with capital and small letters.
please advice

Could you please share screenshot of selector?

did we try with simple wildcard symbol for that attribute

Yes i tried wilcard symbol, its fine.

So is the issue resolved


No bro.
that wilcard symbol is fine, but casesensitive:aaname=‘false’ is not working yet.

Hi @hasanjpm ,
I think this feature is only applicable as of UiPath 2020.
However, I have the same issue with 2020…

Hey @gilles.b,

Is the issue resolved?


@Sanjit_Pal Case sensitive feature applicable for studio 2020.4 onwards. If you are using lower version it will not work

@ushu am using the latest community version and as I am adding the the property as casesensitive:name=‘false’ and click on the ok button of selector editor, and next time I will open the selector editor casesensitive:name=‘false’ this would get disappeared. Don’t know what’s happening

Hello @Sanjit_Pal

Could you copy the selector from UiExplorer and paste it in the selector tab. Also did you validated the selector ?

@Sanjit_Pal Make sure you try below steps

  • Once the selector got created, open that in UiExplorer
  • Now add casesensitive:aaname = ‘false’ and validate the selector
  • If it able to validate then click on OK
  • Now try opening the selector and see if it still there or disappeared