Case Sensitive Selectors in UIpath-20.4

In the new release of UIpath, a feature was added for making selectors case insensitive. Any idea how to use the same ?

@athira.somasekharan I guess you can use Regex Selectors if that’s what you’re looking for. Suppose your Selector has the Title tag where it’s value can be of the either case, then you can adopt to use case insensitivity in the following way inside the Selector by adding these values

matching:title=‘regex’ title=’(?i)yourValue’

Have you tried using this?

Yes, this will work.But I wanted to know about the new update which was introduced in 20.4 release.

@athira.somasekharan Yes, I guess you were pointing out to this :

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Yes, this feature precisely. Not sure about how to use this. Suppose I want to make the tag aaname as case insensitive in the below selector, what exactly should I do ?

@athira.somasekharan Your Selector Isn’t Visible :sweat_smile: , You can Upload a Screenshot of the Selector

I am sorry. This is the selector.

@athira.somasekharan I guess it is simply by Specifying an additional attribute in this way :



Yes, Its working. Thank you :slight_smile:

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