How to make selectors ignore case sensitivity when the selector itself contains aaname?

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Studio Version : 2018.4.4
Rather than using find children and get attribute activity and applying loop to match with the condition, how one can achieve the case insensitivity of the selectors, in other words, how can i use StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase on ‘aaname’ inside the selectors itself?

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Find children or Get Attribute activity is actually used to get a specific attribute value from a element in common though find children has few more advantages in it
So may I know why do we need to do this
Actually it’s up to the application that we work upon
As selector is not what we create buddy
It’s obtained from a app UI nodes
Only if that node has a attribute of upper or lower cased value as a text along the element we will be able to do that change in selector

Cheers @Aakash07

Actually there are small variations in the fields that i am selecting.
In the same application, the same aaname starts with the lowercase while in other places, it starts with the uppercase in the same application.
If we can ignore this case sensitivity in the selector itself, then one generic object can be made for the same application.
In 2019 version, i have seen using Regex within the selector, similarly can we make use of StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase function or likewise with in the selector itself?
If Yes, then how?

@ Palaniyappan
Please provide your inputs on the above thread.

pick branches for each selector case? if the number of variations are limited.