Uipath Screen Scrapping from a image

hi all,

I am new to uipath, I am having a small example which is a image that is scanned copy of a page which is .tiff format actually as per research uipath doesn’t support tiff format so i converted it manually to jpg and taking it as an input, as it is a image I am using screen scrapping with Google OCR the result are not as expected but they are in manageable level finally got a small solution where i can get some output. Now the issues that I am facing are as mentioned below.

  1. The .tiff has two pages i need to split those two page and need to save the second tiff file into a jpg image can this be done using uipath.
  2. While working with screen scrapping, I have done the complete process of scrapping on a system and when i try to move it to other system getting the error has been attached below.

  1. Is there any other better way to get the text from image.

Any suggestions will helpful
Thanks in advance.

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