Extraction of text from an image using OCR

Hello everyone! I’m new to UiPath and I want to extract text from an image(contains text in tabular form as well) and display it. I really don’t know how to proceed and I just have basic knowledge about UiPath. Please help me out step-by-step if possible. I’ve uploaded a sample image on which I’d be working. Thanks in advance.!

@nishantsingh Follow this link

Hey indra… I tried but it’s showing validation errors. could you please elaborate the steps given in the workflow or any tutorial video related to the topic? It’d help a lot.


Please first get an overview of this:

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@prassin6 @indra
Okay so I gave an overview of this. But I can’t get the text in the tabular form. How do I extract the exact table from the image?
Also, The duration of the recording is way too less. How do I increase that?
Can you please take my Test image as an example and help me out?