Lesson 7 - 7.1 Screen Scraping Practice 1

Hello, I am having trouble with Lesson 7.1.1 Screen Scraping - Practice 1. After running the workflow, a text file is generated but it only contains the following: ScraptedText.txt
I believe it is supposed to contain the complete text of the image that I selected on the google search. I followed the step-by-step instructions, but I must be missing a step.

I am new to UiPath and the Forum. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Main.xaml (10.0 KB)

Hello @CN26831

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Please make the following changes:

Varun Kumar


Main.xaml (10.0 KB)

create variable from variable panel (outText) of string type

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It worked! Thank you so much Varun Kumar!

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Thanks. I marked the solution.

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