UiPath Screen OCR: Now in Public Preview!

Hi @Cosin,

I have used UiPath Screen OCR preview in my Enterprise edition of UiPath Studio with
computer vision 2.0.0.

Used this to scrap data from few online receipts.

The OCR is capable of identifying almost all the elements in the receipt. Is there an option to change the anchor element ? The AI is super fast :smiley: (CV Get Text activity) and goes back to UiPath Studio as soon as it finds the near by element. (e.g. I would want to change the anchor to be set to either Total / Sub Total in the receipt)

The OCR interprets Pound symbol £ (e.g. Total £10.00) into incorrect unicode character…

I will try few more and PDFs and see how it goes…

Thank you

Here you go. It is PeopleSoft HCM

I’ve been trying it for a couple of hours - It works great, it’s significantly more reliable than Tesseract esp. with some texts (55/56, punctuation marks)

The only thing it’s missing is the “Allowed/Restricted Characters” option from Tesseract.

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Hi Cosin,

In the first usage with Get OCR Text ‘client’ and UiPath Screen OCR. It is working for me when I get the output from UiPath Screen OCR activity…

Though, I understand it is explained above the other way around, what is the purpose of the Text property in OCR under Output category ?


UiPath Screen OCR takes image as an input. Image can be a poster,Scanned invoice or pdf to jpeg and the results/output were far better than teserract and microsoft OCR. Tried combination of 16 posters,invoices and PDFs and writing this review.

Good job team UiPath


This is pretty awesome! I haven’t found any real issues. Mainly using it to read pdfs


Can i use this for Digitize document (Intelligent OCR activities ) ? If that is possible i used getting error

I’ve tried to use the UiPath Screen OCR to look at an image to see if it can get better results than the Microsoft OCR engine.

What I’m doing is putting an image into an image file using the Load Image activity. I then pass that image file into the OCR engine and have a String variable in the Text location of the activity.

My results for the Microsoft OCR Engine is some of the text from the image (sometimes correct, sometime incorrect).
My results for the UiPath Screen OCR Engine is the error “Error performing OCR: An error occurred while sending the request. ScreenOCRErrorRunningEngine”

I’m unsure if there is an error in how I set this up or not. I’ve tried it in the Computer Vision screen recording and was able to get some results, but not many.

Any help would be appreciated…

i am facing problem in the last days with this

Perfect. It doesnt work


I’ve been using the UiPath Screen OCR since the day it was released for public preview and I must say that it is the best OCR I’ve ever used. UiPath OCR solved
a problem which I was having for almost over 2 years. However, since last 3~4 days it has stopped functioning with the below error message. Can someone please have a look and provide a resolution, would I be able to use it again, it was working brilliantly?


Vikas Kaushik

Hi @Jom4ick @luchovelez @VikasSteria

We updated the first post. Please check it out:

To get it to work, you now have to provide the CV API key which you can get from your Cloud Platform licensing tab.


Hi, just wanted to find out if anyone has this error, or how do i fix it…when I’m setting the cv screen scope…and am selecting the region, i always get a response “Response from server is not valid”…Getting the same error with all engines…Am i doing something incorrect…I’ve tried different engines as well


Hi @Avinash_Sewpersadh

Just check whether the provided API key is correct?

It is…triple checked that…could it be something like a firewall rule or something?..is there a way to view the server responses

I got this error once when I used it some time back, I’m just trying to recall how I resolved it… :thinking:

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*Holding my breath :slightly_smiling_face: …Hope u remember…This thing is killing me…
im sure the request and response messages exist somewhere…being able to view them should be able to help with troubleshooting?..

…or if u have a better solution…

Thanks man

Do u think theres an issue on my platform? Im on beta 108

Hi… just to check… are you using the latest version of the activities?

@Cosin - getting below error with UiPath Screen OCR
My API Key - NdewfxHIBmk4wRi0gCGkWV+At9H9piBhZQhg/mIRvLniOpRecSRlIEOEVrYhh116