How to use Uipath Screen OCR

Hi All,

Please do teach me how to do UiPath Screen OCR. I want to learn and work in UiPath Screen OCR.

@Jo_Krish Read both these links below carefully.

it is very simple.
Step1: Install UiPath.OCR.Activities package. This package gives you screenOCR and document OCR which are UiPath proprietary OCR engines.
Step2: Install UiPath.ScreenOCR.Activities. This gives you activities specific to screenOcr.
Step3: Go to orchestrator and get API key for computer vision and put it and start using screenOCR. You can use screenOCR engine for all OCR activities.


@ Shetanshudhar. Yeah what you have mentioned i have done that but how should i call the input. Actually i have a scanned document pdf and i want to do ocr and find the text, If you know the answer please do tell me.

download intelligent ocr activities package and use digitize document activity to get the extracted text.