UiPathScreenOCR is free or paid in Enterprise edition

Is UiPathScreenOCR free in UiPath Enterprise Edition to use with Computer Vision activities?


UipathScreenOCR is free for community version but there is limitation like Throughput limit (megapixels/min) - 30. for using this in computer vision you should get API key you can find in the license page in the community cloud orchestrator.


Also you can check details from below link

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UiPath OCR is available for both Cloud and On-Premise installation.

For Cloud Enterprise Non-Trial and Trial the limit is Computer Vision 240 (Megapixels/min)
Document Understanding1 As purchased 20 megapixels and 10MB, in JSON-Base64 format
Please note that Computer Vision Cloud can also be used with Orchestrator On-Prem without any issues.

I am pretty sure you can add more by purchasing and going through your sales coordinator.

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