UiPath says unable to find different macros at different runs

Hi, I have this .xlsm file which has set of macros written in it. Today I made change to my UiPath community studio. The excel version in my dev env is microsoft office 365 pro. The code works perfectly fine in my dev environment.

My prod environment has excel 2016. After the recent change, when I run the process bot fails saying unable to find the so called macro and check macro is enabled error. It doesn’t always raise this for same macro. At each runit is different, but shifting with set of available macro.

What could be the reason for this. Highly appreciate some help to get over it. I really don’t understand what is causing this. Some help is really appreciated.

Hi @urweeraratne,
Are you using any dedicated activities for this? I’m asking because Office 365 have different activities that Standalone Office release.

Actually um using UiPath.Excel.Activities.ExecuteMacro activity which works fine in dev environment with Office 365 Excel, but not with prod environment with Excel 2016