UiPath Salesforce Connector


I am trying to connect Salesforce with Uipath.

I have added External application as per they have given in orchestrator, with the name UipathSalesforce. Later, when I move to identity → auth providers in salesforce, I am not able to see the UipathAuthProvider. Can anyone tell me how to get that UipathAuthProvider.


You can see the attachment that I am not able to see the UipathAuthProvider.

Please help me in this setup.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Santhi7698, looks like you would need the UiPath Connector for Salesforce installed into your Salesforce org.

UiPath Connector for Salesforce® - UiPath Inc. - AppExchange

Hi @avejr748

I have already installed the uipath connector in Salesforce

and along with that i have done the following processes also.


Hi @Santhi7698 my bad, did not notice that it was the first step. I have found this instructions from Salesforce. This might help Create a Custom External Authentication Provider (salesforce.com)

Thanks for the reply @avejr748

I have tried this to by adding custom data, but still not able to see the UipathAuthProvider in identity->AuthProviders

Is there any other way to do this?