UiPath orchestrator run trigger or Jobs Salesforce issue

I can successful to run the process on local machine and robot.
The problem is if i use trigger or run a jobs that will image result.
Salesforce Scope: One or more errors occurred. (Connector [uipath-salesforce-sfdc] does not have any connections)

Hello @leviny ,

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Can you plz share the property which you set for the scope of salesforce connection? Also meanwhile you can refer to the below post for reference.
Also are you getting the error only for some particular activity in orchestrator?

I can success to connect the salesforce.
And I can ingest data to SF in my local workflow.

But if I use Orchestrator to run the process, it will have connection issues.

@leviny did you tried updating the saleforce packages and restart your machine. ? If not plz try it once

Also are you getting timeout error while connecting to SF or during some other stage?

Hi Rahul, thanks for your support

We’re already used the latest Salesforce package version, see below for reference:

And so far we couldn’t see SF timeout error.

It’s just quite strange since the SF Connector works perfectly fine when running at local Robot but it returns above mentioned error when triggered to execute by the Orchestrator.

Please kindly help us to resolve. Thx

And we tried on different remote Robots too, they also restarted for many times before. Thx

For your reference, here is our high level flow, see whether you could see any potential issue from that:

SF auto triggers UiPath by UiPath Queue (already done “Named Credentials”* successfully) => When UiPath Queue received the trigger then will execute the Process that mentioned
*How to set up a Named Credentials connection (uipath.com)

The auto triggering process and UiPath process execution are working, but the Process will return above mentioned SF Connector errors (these errors not exist if executing on local Robot, run the “Debug File”).

Hello Levin,
I don’t understand perfect your Request but I think these 2 videos can help you:
How UiPath Orchestrator can call ServiceNow:

How Salesforce call UiPath Process from UiPath Orchestrator: