ANYONE GOT THE ANSWER FOR Level 3 - Advanced Training NO 1

Hi @jackyWHJ,

Is there anything specific that you have a question about?

basically i need to complete the uipath academy to get 100% for the certificate. im left with this level 3 training task that i do not understand. Is it possible to send me zip file answer? im already done with my own project but i need the certificate.


We are here to help you understand any problems you’re having. In addition, there is a dedicated channel for the academy that has great documentation for problems that other user have had. Check it out here:

To maintain the integrity of the Academy, certifications are awarded based on personal merit. Try the level 3 training on your own and ask questions about what you don’t understand.

Hi @jackyWHJ

Please go through the academy training first. In the academy, there is a good explanation about the REFramework in Level 3 training. And also, there is a complete walkthrough for a practice session which you can train yourself with a complete guideline document. I suggest you try that out first to understand the basics of the framework.

Then try the assignment on your own… and if you come across any situations that you feel hard to solve… please share it here so we can help you on that…


Mine is working fine but i keep getting a score of zero everytime???