Advanced Training Assignments

Hi everyone,

I do not come from a very technical background, so learning UiPath has taken some extra effort in both the technical code aspects and in how to translate a business process into a technical workflow. Apparently, UiPath is supposed to be good about this (compared to other RPA vendors), and I agreed until the advanced training.

First, I can appreciate that UiPath does not support cheating on the certification exam–this makes sense for obvious reasons.

I do not understand why the Advanced training is so vague and the solutions so protected. . . There are pieces of the walk through that are intentionally left out, which would make sense if there was a thorough training on the structure and flow of the REFramework, but there was not. Searching “REFramework” in the Academy, all you get is the Solution Architect training, which is not a technical deep dive into the actual framework. YouTube videos and trying to explain the entirety of your issue on this forum only go so far.

The training up until this point helped me understand how to spy elements, deal with selectors, etc. Now, we are expected to navigate the extremely nested and complicated REFramework as if the Advanced Training is a cumulative test. This is like a drawing tutorial teaching you how to sketch a tree then saying, “Okay, now paint this entire mountain landscape.”

Are there any plans to enhance the Academy training to make the transition between Level 2 and Level 3 training make more sense?