UiPath RPA Academy (Level 1 - Foundation Training)

I’m doing the training in UiPath RPA Academy, but I’m getting errors in the downloaded answer attachment. Could you please confirm the below details and screenshots?

Training name: Level 1 - Foundation Training
Lesson #: Lesson 10 - Practice 1 Answer
error message: “Find Element ‘text DATE’ : Activity timeout exceeded”

Hi @Eriko_Tanaka, this error occurs when Find element activity is not able to find the element. You might want to re-indicate the element or edit the selector.


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I tried to edit the selector, but even if I open in UiExplorer, there is no tag with a type attribute.

Hi @Eriko_Tanaka, is that a scanned pdf ? Are you not able to indicate the specific element’s selector ? What Adobe Reader version you are using?

It’s a PDF attached in the training materials. The Adobe Reader I’m using is Acrobat Reader DC Continuous Release version 2018.011.20058.

Hi @Eriko_Tanaka, we experienced the same issue with Adobe Reader DC, could you try downgrading it to Adobe Reader XI and try it again?

I’d like to try downgrading it to Adobe Reader XI, but for internal reasons, I can’t do that.
Could that be the only way to solve the issue?

Maybe you can try other PDF reader?

I’ll keep it pending for now.
Thanks for your quick support!

No worries, happy automation :slight_smile: