"On Element Appear 'SPAN': Activity timeout exceeded",

Pls help, i m having problems at my Advanced Training, Dispatcher part, in Process, after runing the workflow it says that it only takes the Transaction nr 1 and 2 and then i get this error , On Element Appear,Activity timeout exceeded", i used the in arguments in the selector, just don t get the error. I found other topics about this in UIForum but still having the same problem.

Hi @poana

The error will occur if the Element does not appear on the given Timeout.
Or the element is not valid because of incorrect selector :slight_smile:


@Jan_Brian_Despi, i used the element like it s written in the PDD file, for my Advanced Training, it sees only the first transaction but does not go to the 2nd page. Click ‘SPAN’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: ", this is my error again.

If you observe carefully, the styles of the buttons for an active page is different from that of the pages that aren’t active.

If the current page is active, it’s button becomes a SPAN element, and the clickable buttons become ‘A’ elements.

Therefore, you have to check for the SPAN element. If you find it, then it means that you are on the currently active page. You can use this to ask the robot to look for a A element with the value equal to the next page number.

Example: When Work Items load, the button 1 is by default active and will be a SPAN element
You can then use that decision to look for an element that is an A element with a value = 2


It’s a good challenge to solve if you make use of the UI Explorer and click on an the different styles of the buttons and compare their selectors and then use them in the Find Element activity.


I guess you did set the RepeatForever : True, in the properties panel. Set it False then it will work.

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hi @AndyMenon I have Done with same steps as you mentioned and i have set Repeat forever false. But in selector i am not finding out span tag.

Hi @shivarajvp555,

The Selector may not be accurate. Is your selector to find the currently active page an Expression? If you hard code the page number in the selector, then it may not work when you move away from that page.

Remember that the SPAN element will be found only if the current page is active.
If that fails, it means that your selector expression maybe correct, but the page number may be wrong in your code.

Example: If you are on page 2 that is currently active, and if your page number is by any chance 1 or 3, then it will never find a SPAN element with inner text 2.

thanks and hope this helps.

Even also I am in current page span tag is not showing.
My current active page is 2 when i click on 2 with indicate screen its not showing span tag.
Is there any alternatives for this.

Did you try using UiPath Explorer?

yes i used UI explorer

Ok, this is from a year ago. I don’t remember if I worked on this project using Chrome or IE.

I logged in via Chrome and did a quick check using UI Explorer and this is what I see for Button 1. Maybe you should run a similar test on IE to see if it’s an LI or SPAN element.

Also to note, the button you see is an anchor inside an LI or SPAN element. Therefore, based on where you click on the button, you will see a different selector. If you click on the rim of the button you may get one , and if you click in the middle you might get another. Verify this using the Chrome DOM inspector and come up with something reliable that you can use.


Code hypnosis is a funny thing and it keeps you from moving forward. Happens to all of us. :smiley:
But try to see if you can resolve the issue using another element if it isn’t “SPAN”. If you don’t find it, use something else. The idea here is to find a reliable way to differentiate between an active page and a page that is one behind or one forward.

And don’t forget to account for the end conditions :wink:

I hope this helps.

@AndyMenon Thank you for your time

This is the selector i tried it worked for that . The error is not due to span tag i think .
But instead of Work Items in html tag i have added * after ACME System 1. and it worked fine for it.

No worries. Another factor to consider is whether or not you have to use class names. What if UiPath changes out their CSS and the class names change? Your code will break.

Try using something more generic. Use of class names is recommended only if you have some influence over the changes to the application that you are applying RPA to.

Good luck with you project submission. :+1:

@AndyMenon Thank You… I will go through points u mentioned.

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