Level 1 - Assignment 7

I am getting an Activity timeout exceeded Error on this exercise.

I followed the first portion of the instructions (for email and employee number) as closely as possible.
Here is a recording of what I did. https://www.screencast.com/t/rT2Ma7Zif

Can someone let me know what I’m doing wrong that is causing the error?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @rebcaudle,

(1). After you change OCR to Microsoft OCR, please click the Refresh Button (0:28)
(2). Next, Click Set mouse position and then Indicate a point and click inside the text box next to the email label. (0:22) It seem you click on the Text Label not at the Text Box next to the email label.

thanks for getting back to me @hermawan. I tried the 2 things you mentioned above but I’m still getting the same error. Updated screen recording


(1) .Please note that after you change the OCR Engine to Microsoft and Refresh, the Scrape Result Preview return “No text extracted from this UI Element”. (0:42).
At the Scrape Options, try to change the Scale from 1 to 2, and Refresh.

(2) 0:27, Use the Indicate on Screen and click inside the text box; use the Test Click to test it.

Note that you need to do step 1 (Change OCR Engine, Refresh and update Scale) and continue to step 2 (Click Text at the label, Indicate on Screen, Click inside the Textbox, Test Click).