Can't run robots on High-Density Configuration with loginToConsole = false unless RDP is opened (Waiting for execution to start)



Hi all,


I’ve successfully setup an Orchestrator server along with a High-Density robots server. I can trigger/schedule a job normally for 1 robot with my RDS session off with loginToConsole = True. Though, when using loginToConsole = False to run multiple rubots in parallel, I can only do it with both of my RDS sessions opened. Whenever I try to do with them closed, they stuck on “Waiting for Execution to Start” until they crash.

Here is some usful info:

  • The two processes are running into different users within the same server (High-Density Configuration);
  • Both are running on a “NonProduction” environment. Already tried “Unnatended” as well;
  • 2 runtimes are set for that machine;
  • My server got the Enterprise Edition running with the Trial license with UiPath Service running on background.