UiDemo exercise for Advanced Level training - attempting to implement without Orchestrator

Hi there. i am going through the first exercise of the Level 3 training , attempting to understand the framework. I am also attempting to bypass orchestrator and initiate the “queues” directly.

I am trying to figure out how to bypass the Orchastrator requirements and would appreciate any guidance you can offer or if you could point to a solution I can download and examine it.

Thanks in advance.

Can I ask why you are trying to bypass Orchestrator?

It is possible to run processes without Orchestrator by using a database or even an Excel spreadsheet for queues. Indeed you don’t in theory need queues. However, for the examples as you can access platform.uipath.com you have full access to the demo Orchestrator to complete the training.

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You dont even need RE Framework for the level 3 training. Its recomended but not mandatory

However if you plan to do certification in future, you will have to make your automation using RE-FrameWork only.

Queues/orchestrator is optional for both Level 3 and certification but it is recommended as in real life use cases you will have to use them in some way

So its more on your choice (short term gain vs Long term learning)

Hi there. I am working behind a company intranet where we do not have an instance of Orchestrator to use. I am hesitant to open ports to outside web servers by allowing my robot instance to interface with the UIPath’s Orchestrator demo server.
I am not even sure if I can even configure Robot to connect to the server as I do not have local admin access on my machine. Hence i was hoping for either the solution I can examine or a way of bypassing Orchestrator.


Hi Neonova.
Thank you for your reply. I am definitely planning on using the RE framework for any future dev work I will be involved in. As for certification, I would look into that. I was hoping for some pointers on how to disable the queue lookup/ bypass in favor of excel (DataRows of the Spreadsheet)