Can we use Robotic Enterprise Framework for small scenario like printing table of 5

Can we use Robotic Enterprise Framework for any scenario or it can be used for scenario where we use Orchestrator.

You can use Re-framework without Orchestrator also. But you need to remove the Orchestrator based activities,(Get transaction status, set transaction status etc) and modify based on your input applications. If you are using Excel as input, you can read Excel, loop the Datatable and perform the process.

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Can we use robotic enterprise framework for printing table of 5 . Please explain this i am little bit confuse where to use loops.

Help me over this.

Hi @ig250097

See this reply I made a while back. It contains a sample framework that works with an Excel as an input :slight_smile:

It is quite advanced, but the posts explains all the details.
If you want to know more, you should definitely join our Academy and go through all three trainings that will get you up to speed with UiPath tools :slight_smile:

Which all three training sir , i definitely want to join it , please let me know which academy and which training you are talking about.

@Vivek_Arunagiri, If we want to deploy it to Orchestrator, then we need to make the changes again to the project. Is there any way where we can run the project locally as well as on Orchestrator?

I don’t think you need to make changes inside the project.
You just need to publish the project in uipath studio and you can register the bot via orchestrator URLs
and then run the bot via robot tray.

I am confused after reading this post. So my scenario is like I need to develop the code locally(without orchestrator) and when the things gets approved I need the same solution to deploy without making any changes to it .so, is it possible and if i can supply the default values locally and the code will pick the values from orchestrator when deployed

Hi @Manoj_Batra

This depends. You can create a simple project that will display a message box and it will work both locally and via Orchestrator (when published) without any issues.

However, if you are using the ReFramework, it is assumed that you are facilitating things such as Queues, Assets, etc. To properly test it, you would need a connection with Orchestrator during development (if only to update/retrieve queue items or some assets).

You could also test your workflows with data that is supplied via Excel file, but this will require some changes within the framework that you will need to revert when publishing to Orchestrator (if you want to switch back from Excel input to queue inputs).

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@loginerror how to create a simple project that will display a message box? what do we need to delete/comment out in the existing framework in order to do so?

I think, Re-framework is more systematic approach to design a problem instead of flow based approach.

In the flow based system, the controlling program flow is in the focus. But in state-based problem analysis the focus is more on system way of thinking.

You should analyse the problem in term of number of states and state transition conditions.

I have personally experienced that UIPath Academy initially teaches (installs) a lot in terms of flow rather than states. State are difficult for beginner level, i guess.

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