UiPath Robot unable to download packages

Currently converting to cloud orchestrator, then when try to install process, it show this error.

uipath assistant error

I have the same issue which makes the UiPath unable to download packages/dependecies. But in my case, the issue appear when I tried to load my workflow project from github to PC in office that run UiPath.

I also tried create new Process and the same error happen. I wonder if the office PC that I used has access restriction (perhaps by firewall, or windows, or else?) and make it unable to access some URL or port or else?

Any suggestion will be appreciated

Hi - Please try below steps :

  • Open Manage Packages
  • Go to settings and uncheck all except local, Orchestrator host and official.
  • Go to All Packages and search for this package.
  • Click Uninstall from right pane.
  • Now search it again
  • Install and Save

Is the access restriction of the network.