UiPath robot to activate a Microsoft Flow and pass and recceive variables (LUIS, QnA Maker and Flow)


Has anyone been able to developed a robot to trigger a Microsoft Flow, I have read on doing it the other way i.e. a Flow triggering a robot. We have a robot that reads mails and determines sentiment and key phrases, these need to be passed to QNA maker and LUIS for processing and the only way we can see to do that is through Flow.

If anyone has any other suggestions on how to accomplish this please help.



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Any way you can use a proxy service to run an API call to Orchestrator to launch a job? That would be the way to go here, I think.

It found Azure Logic Apps to be very convenient to deal with webhooks, for example.

Hi @loginerror

Thank you. Would you have any examples of using a webhook from UiPath robot or be able to point me to an example?

Sure, I think I made one in the past.

Please see this post:

Hello Massimo,
In this playlist, I have more than 5 videos where UiPath communicate with Power Automate:

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