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I am trying to create an interaction between UiPath and Webex, for example via Webhooks (like it is done with Teams in this video : UiPath Orchestrator send text to MS Teams via Webhooks (Chatbot) - YouTube) or a chat that is sent in Webex which can trigger a bot. I know it is feasible and easy with Microsoft Flows, but I don’t have these tools in my company. Do you know an alternative of Flows, or is there a way to do it without Flows?

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Hey @melanie

I understood you are in need to enable interaction between UiPath & Webex.

But little is not clear on the exact scenario, I feel it’s possible. But if you can just explain an exact scenario or example will be better to suggest a solution.



We can give a try with slack

Have a look on this where it shows how Slack Webhooks to communicate with UiPath:

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that can be done using external application integration. There was an session on such integration in Devcon, link below


For example, I want to trigger a job when someone sends a chat to a bot in Webex. So there should be a “program” listening to Webex and when I sent a chat, it starts a job. Via Power Automate, it’s very easy, you just have to put a trigger and then use Orchestrator APIs, but I don’t have Power Automate…

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Thanks for the video, I need to investigate more on that. it seems like Workato is an alternative to Microsoft Flows/Power Automate.

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If you wish to have a chatbot to trigger a process

Then may be you can look for the connectors available, Dialogflow connector available on the marketplace that uses API to interact with Orchestraror.

If you need to have with webex only, then you need to integrate that with any intermediator

Also, if you are saying it’s an organization, Power Automate is free and you can just try it out. That would work just fine. Did you give that a try?