UiPath Robot slow execution

I am testing bot with simple script with amessage box with “Hello World”. I published the script to local bot (attended). When I run this from the tray it is taking more then 5 mins to display the message box.

Why is it taking more than 5 mins to display the message.


I think issue with your system only. Try to restart your system and delete temp. files and see.

You mean c:\temp ?


  1. Win + r
  2. Then type %temp% and delete those temporary files and restart machine. I did the same and it helps me.

:frowning: it is still taking same amount of time

Write you hardware please.


Which version of studio are you using ?

Windows 10
32 GB
Intel Core i7

Windows 10
32 GB
Intel Core i7

Hard disk size ?

500 GB Hard Drive

What about if you try to do the same from scratch?

I see this error in event log
{“message”:“NU1102: Unable to find package UiPath.FTP.Activities with version (>= 1.0.6710.16240)\r\n - Found 1 version(s) in Local [ Nearest version: 1.0.6479.13206 ]\r\n - Found 0 version(s) in C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages\r\n - Found 0 version(s) in Gallery”,“level”:“Error”,“logType”:“Default”,“timeStamp”:“2019-03-13T14:23:26.364706-05:00”,“fingerprint”:“c3f667db-be34-48b2-b290-c3948ee6256d”}

Similar errors for other package

Its working fine after re-installing the UiPath

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Hi @VRB,

Even i have same issue, I am using community version.

Syed Farheen

If the Robot is slow to start, most likely it cannot resolve its dependencies. Check your event viewer logs. If needed enable the Robot diagnostic logs and it will give you more information about which feed is causing a problem.

Most likely this usually affects Robots installed in Service Mode. It is usually an indication of a proxy not being configured. Additionally, unless there are unused dependencies the automation will throw an exception.

See link for enabling diagnostic logs: https://docs.uipath.com/robot/docs/robot-logs