Why is my Robot running faster than usual?

Hi guys, i am new to UiPath and was just wondering, why my robot was running faster than usual. I’ve tested it time and again and 95% of the time it works just fine until today, where it seems to speed up the clicks and type intos. This resulted in a lot of issue as those activity did not work as i intended them to during production. The only difference from usual was that today, i was sharing my screen on skype, that’s all. When i stop the skype screen share, the speed went back to normal and everything worked fine. Is this a known issue? I’ve tried to fix most of it with the “element exist” activity and it seems to work. I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem and how you dealt with it.

Hi @wasd

Let me register this as a bug for our team to investigate.

Could you let us know what version of Studio/Robot are you currently using, as well as add some details around your particular process? (activity package dependencies, or simply the project.json file if you feel comfortable sharing it)

Hey @wasd,

Have you been testing the code using Debug mode? Debug runs considerably slower than normal running

by the version i assume you mean the file version in the properties, it is and activities-wise, i mostly just use clicks, type into’s, build data table, for each row, get password, element exist, if, close application, send outlook message, assign and path exists. I can’t provide details about the json file nor any screenshots as the robot is on my work machine and it is not able to access the internet.

I’ve never used the debug mode before. I’ve always click on the run button for testing.

Hey @wasd,

Okay, I thought I would ask just in case. I would continue asking @loginerror for help now, I have no other suggestions

I made the ticket in our internal tracker, but if you feel like contacting our technical support as an Enterprise customer, go ahead at this form:

It might speed up the process of getting the right answer :slight_smile:

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