Uipath Robot service not visible in my services.msc list - Have uipath enterprise version

Hi Everyone,

Uipath service is not available in my services.msc list and I did not install my enterprise version either from Command line or uipathplatforminstaller.exe - I just got license code and activated it from community version by clicking on the option “Do you have license key”

Could anyone guide how to add the uipath service for the license which is already installed?

I gone through the website it is given how to install from command line but I have already installed the bot and just need to enable the service in services.msc list


Hi @Boopathi

As explained in the other thread, the Enterprise Robot service acts slightly different. This is why reinstallation from the MSI installer is the way to go here.
I’ll close this topic as the answer was already provided here: :slight_smile: