Can I run 3 unattended robot if I only activate 1 unattended robot at 1 time

I have 3 unattended robots which running at different times.
Robot A will run only at 8-10 am
Robot B will run only at 12am-18am
Robot C will run only at 0am - 5am
So can I config to run 3 robots with only 1 license with below procedures:

  • From 8-10 am, I give license to robot A
  • From 12 -18am. I disable robot A and give license to robot B
  • From 0 - 5am. I disable robot B and give license to robot C
  • next day: repeat

Is it possible ? Or will I have any limit for this scenario ?
Can I do same thing if I disable license in a machine and give this license to another machine ?
Please help

HI @Nguyen_tuan_anh ,

Yes it is possible.
Create 1 machine template and allocate 1 unattended license to it.
Setup and connect your all 3 robots with the same machine template.
When job will run, robot will acquire the license at runtime accordingly and after completion of the job it will free up the license to be consumed by another robot.

thank you for your answer. Can we use this scenario with different machine?

  • robot A run in machine a
  • robot B run in machine b
  • robot C run in machine c

In addition, we need all robot A, B, C connect and get license from 1 oschestrator host right ? If robot A,B,C connect to different oschestrator host, we still need different licenses ?


yes you can use woth different machines as well…and as you said you have to switch the licenses in that case

Of all bots connect to same or hestrator then as that host has only 1 license only that can be used…

If they connect to different or hestrators then the license also will be different as per the connected orchestrator

Hope this helps


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