Robot license control

Dear Team,

We have bought the license for the following

  1. Uipath Studio
  2. Uipath attended robot

As we have deployed the robot on server. I would like to find out, is that possible for different user login to run the bot, we understand that part only one task at once since we only have 1 robot license. the reason we asking this is because we don want diff user have the same windows login id.


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Yes different users can login into the machine run the BOT with different time intervals as it is Enterprise Edition and it is system specific.

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Hey @limcheehang

Yeah… just like @lakshman mentioned, the enterprise version license apply for the entire system. Not only for a specific user. So anyone can login and run the robot at different time intervals. However, if you have any processes that can run as background processes, and if those are developed using the background process option of Studio, you can run multiple processes at the same time… However if it is a foreground process, then only 1 at a time…

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@limcheehang As it is an attended bot and you have only 1 license, you configure that bot as a floating robot for as many number of users as you wish. And this works for who ever logs into the machine, they can run the robot.

may i know the procedure the enter license key for the uipath robot? cause we got 2 license keys from uipath and we entered enteprise edition during installation of uipath? Where should we enter the robot license key ?


You bought 1 or 2 robots licences ?

1 robot license and 1 studio license


Install studio and Robot in one machine for development machine. Once development completed publish that process and then it will give you nupkg file.

And install robot only in other machine and keep that nupkg file in Packages folder and it will show in UiRobot system tray and run it from there.

ok. back to my original question. If i install the robot on the VM. if different windows user login to the VM, can they run the task in the robot? Does uipath robot license tie to the machine or user? of course we will only allow one user run one task at once for a single robot license


As it is Enterprise Edition of Robot it will be tied up with System only but not user. Each user can login into different timings and run their processes with same BOT only.