UiPath Robot creating TEMP user folder when run?

Hi guys,

I have a bot I’m trying to run. But when I hit run on the bot in UiPath Robot, it automatically creates a new ‘TEMP’ folder at C:\Users\TEMP\ .nuget\Packages\ %ProjectName% \ %Version% with a folder for the bot name and then it produces and error that it can’t run because it can’t find the schema (I think it’s trying to find the NuGet packages in C:\Users\TEMP instead of C:\Users\RPAUser10 directory… )

Why is Robot creating this ‘TEMP’ folder and how to I configure Robot to use the existing user folder like it normally does? I’m not sure why this is a problem on this particular VM and not others. Any help appreciated.

I normally deploy my bots by publishing the package file on my Dev laptop, then copying this package file over to the VM at C:\ProgramData\UiPath\packages\

I have my NuGet packages and dependancies copied across also from my Dev laptop to C:\Users\RPAUser10\ .nuget\ .packages to ensure it’s aligned with current activities.


So further testing, I removed all my bot package files and deleted the “C:\Users\TEMP” folder the bot creates. When I do this, the bot is removed from list in UiPath Robot.
I copy the bot package into C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages and the bot appears in the list with the ‘Update’ button.
When I click the ‘Update’ button, it creates that folder in C:\Users\TEMP and then the ‘Update’ button still appears… does this over and over… normally on other machines I guess this would disappear and a ‘Start’ button should appear when I hover the mouse. it’s as if the Robot is downloading to the wrong location and not saving the files to C:\Users\RPAUser10 the actual user folder.

Problem was resolved internally by IT.

For anyone who stumbles into the same issue, the reason was user profile was out of sync in Windows 10. IT had to restart the UiPath Services and restart the VM itself and then it connected to the proper user folders.

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