Unable to locate Robot.exe file

Could you please tell me why Robot.exe file is not shows for me? Required Uipath paid version?
I am using community edition of UiPath Studio.


Dom :slight_smile:

Hey, I have checked that path in my machine. app folder does not shows for me. See the screenshot

@pratiklondhe, Isn’t even there inside the uipath folder (one more)?

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Yes. Why some files are missing for me. Robot.exe is not present. How come?
Then how my workflow is running by Robot.exe?

How to resolve that problem?


Its strange. If its working might be the file has been relocated somewhere else. Even I don’t have idea other than this in community version.

Lets wait for others.

Dom :wink:

Hi, I got the path. Actually, I was confuse. Because, My workflow is running by robot.exe but why the file is not getting. So, while running time I opened the task manager and I went to robot.exe and found the path. It is present in Program data/Uipath…

Uipath folder is present in two locations,

  1. LocalAppData
  2. Program Data : Here is Robot.exe

@pratiklondhe, Great :slight_smile:

Mark your above post as solution that can be referenced in future. Thanks anyway for the update !

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This is depends on earlier versions. May i know your uipath plateform version?

because from latest versions i.e. 2018.* you will get the things in

C:\Users\akshay.yadav\AppData\Local\UiPath like below:

here are more folders you can see with versioning.

Versioning scheme to major.minor.patch. The major number represents the year the release is delivered in, and will be modified if incompatible changes are needed.

The minor number will be increased each time we add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner and the patch number every time we make backwards-compatible bug fixes.


UiPath Studio - 2018.1.2

Strange… your windows version? and are you having an admin rights? on your system?

Windows 8.1 Pro. Yes I have all admin rights.

Yes that what i was thinking because new versions target robot as a user services so you have already the admin so you will get the things in program data folder instead of like many of us :slight_smile:


Ohk. Thanks

Why its shows like that while creating the robot in orchestrator? Is that because of community edition or I have to update something for that?

Please provide solution on that…

Hey @pratiklondhe

Yes because you are using community Orchestrator. So there is Robot limitations are there. How many robots you have connected with this orchestrator?


Only one… How many should be connected to activate that things?

Why this four Types Attended, Unattended…etc shows disabled for me. When this will be activated. Not able to create robot.

If you are using the same machine configured for the robot then change the robot type to Development.

it will work for you.


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Yes. Its working now for the Development. thanks. If I use another machine then what I have to select the Type?