UiPath Remote Runtime installed on server but one of the apps has a 'Remote communication error.'


I trying to automate some tests on a citrix app which is hosted on a server that has the uipath runtime extension installed. There are two versions of the same app I am interested in. The first of which is fine and has no issues with studio interacting with it. The second throws the red pop up saying ‘Remote communication error. Click for more information’ and is not able to be interacted with. What confuses me is that the uipath remote runtime extension is installed on the server - even though the error indicates otherwise. I have had confirmation and screenshots from the help desk of my company confirming that it is in fact installed on the correct server(which i assumed would be the case given that one of the apps is interactable, and they are on the same server).

Anyone got any ideas of what to do next?


Hi @Maxymilliond

Check the uipath remote runtime.msi installed and running the server and host machine…